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so, here’s the deal. I feel horrible for not making gifs :/ 

I’m going home this weekend and I’m going to download some Digimon episodes, that way when I get back to school I’ll be able to make some gifs! I apologize for the lack of updates :(

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Anonymous whispered, "More Garurumon please. :3"

I’ll be sure to fill that after I make another request! :D

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posting two gifs that I made before class this morning, hopefully I’ll be filling the Gatomon request very soon! 

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mutantkrawk whispered, "I love your gifs, but I wish there were more. :C"

thank you :) and I know, I’m trying my best to make more, but I just started college and it’s really hard to juggle things lately. not to mention the internet is slow as hell at my school, so episodes don’t download well at all :/

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little note to all you followers: 

sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, I’ve been really busy with school and such. but! I am going home this weekend for the holiday, and I will surely have plenty of time to make some gifs! :D thanks for following me you lovely people!

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vanjalen whispered, "can you give me a link to download/watch the digimon movie ^-^~~"

now, for the english dub you only have to download the FIRST part. I made the mistake of trying to download part by part, and nothing really happened. if you download part one and it doesn’t work, download all three and try that.


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